Released Collections

Educate children and make adults aware, presenting. topics of interest to the whole society.

In a Modern language, the FF Miners Educational Comic Books deal with serious subjects in order to educate while entertaining. Friendly characters and appealing stories for children and young people to address important issues such as sexuality, bullying, tolerance and disease prevention.

Eks Eks Connection

For Children 

Characters full of life and diversity, that could be found in any neighborhood, of any city, living great and colorful adventures.

Eks Eks is a robot created on a planet where there is no organic life. Because of this, it decides to travel to Earth and learn everything about this planet. Here, it meets a group of children at school age and together discover, know, and learn the wonders of our world while preventing a scientist who is mad about robotics from stealing Eks Eks and using its technology in his own robots.

Teen Chat


A group of teen characters living and discussing youth-related issues, such as sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, bullying, and first job. The first comic is about AIDS Prevention: AIDS, the Invisible Enemy

Custom Comic Books